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Write. Learn. Share.

Vocal Grammatics is a completely new system for reading and writing the highly complex sounds of beatbox. Think of Vocal Grammatics as a sort of alphabet, but much more advanced, inclusive, and specifically developed to represent the full diversity of a beaboxer’s vocabulary.


Even though the system can be used to write out highly complex sounds, it is actually very simple, intuitive, and easy to learn. Using less than 30 signs, you can write out thousands of sounds.


Plan your own beatbox event 

Conférence • Show

Want to learn more about beatbox and how our system can help? Vocal Grammatics Live offers a wide range of interactive conferences designed for audiences of any age and any level. We tailor to your needs. From university, to corporate, to block party, and everything in between, Vocal Grammatics has got you and your event needs covered.

Classes • Workshops

Sharing is at the heart of the Vocal Grammatics project. That’s why we offer initiation classes and a variety of beatbox workshops suitable for everyone at every age and level. Our classes and workshops are always tailored to event-specific needs with one objective in mind: to learn, to share, and to have fun.

Team Building

The Vocal Grammatics Team Building Workshops strengthen bonds and build confidence within any size group by beginning with the individual. We tailor our workshops to bring out the best in each individual by creating an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and willing to try something new. Never boring, always unexpected, Team Building with Vocal Grammatics is a guaranteed success.

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About the beatbox writting system




Innovation and beatbox

Transdisciplinary by nature, Vocal Grammatics brings together technical, scientific, and digital beatbox scholarship. The synergy of our different research projects allows us to expand into new transmission methodologies, while retaining our number one goal: the democratization of beatbox.

Recherche vocale

Vocal research

Writing as a means for in-depth research is the principle that has led to the identification, recording and transcription of more than 300 vocal techniques to date. And this is only the beginning...

Enfants devant application beatbox

Enhanced Pedagogy

Our objective is to create interactive digital and tangible pedagogical tools that facilitate the further development of innovative transmission methods.

Ecran scientifique beatbox

Vocal recognition

In collaboration with the GIPSA phonetics laboratory, we are developing and testing speech recognition software for beatbox, and investigating its other possible applications.

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Adrien contesse designer graphique portrait

Adrien Contesse

Creator and founder, Adrien Contesse currently directs design and development for Vocal Grammatics. Specializing in graphic, type, and digital design, he actively participates in research projects relating to language and typography. He has spoken at several national and international typography conferences, and has been published in French journals and magazines. His projects have received several grants and awards, including grants from the prestigious LaS.C.A.M. organization.

Antoine "Andro" Pinchaud beatboxeur portrait

Antoine Pinchaud

French beatbox champion Antoine (Andro’) Pinchaud is a fierce competitor, notable performer, and encouraging teacher. Composing, performing, and sharing beatbox drives his projects. You can learn more by checking out the tutorials on his youtube channel, Le Svendro.



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